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Agenor sat amongst the rubble and corpses still in disbelief. He was shaken every so often as the two cosmic beings had shifted in their sleep. His mind was becoming unhinged at the thought of what had transpired today. Just earlier he had finally finished his life’s work, a written history of the great city of Torros. He was on his way to present it to a board of officials at which point he felt he would be commended for his eloquent telling of history. There would be no commendations for Agenor though, the goddesses made sure of it.

He was replaying the first encounter with them just now in his head. He had his bundles of scrolls wrapped and closely held to his side. The streets had their normal hustle and bustle that he had come to love over all the years he had called this place home. Halfway to the gallery Agenor felt something very strange. A small reverberation. It wasn’t enough to be an earthquake but after a few moments it grew in intensity. He stopped in his tracks unsure what to make of it at first. Not long after that, the entire street began to shake, the very foundations of the customs house that had held firm for near a century now was being rattled. Agenor had no idea what to make of this. A shrill scream a few blocks down startled him. More and more people began to take up a terrified yell as well. There was something they were seeing that was turning them all pale. Clutching the scrolls as tightly as he could, Agenor pushed his way through a thickening crowd to see with his own eyes what had been striking fear into so many.

Words could not describe the sudden fear that he felt when he saw the three of them. Even as far away as they were, their size took his breath away. A hazy outline was enveloping them because of their distance from the city, but Agenor saw clearly they were women. Not like any women he had ever seen before though, they stood miles tall, divine in both beauty and power. Frozen in shock, he and many others saw how quickly they disposed of the army and were now terrified of what they would do next. No one moved until finally two of these titans began to make their way to the city. They were so close now Agenor had to strain his neck to see up their body.

Instinct finally took hold of Agenor. He began a futile attempt to run away from the goddesses; the whole crowd had kicked into frenzy, it was utter chaos. Screams had been silenced with each earth shattering impact. The scribe was determined to survive but when the shadow finally came over him, his body simply gave up. He heard one final scream from the others surrounding him and then a deafening explosion. His ears bleeding he was thrust violently onto the ground. For a few moments Agenor was unsure if he had passed on to another plane but the panging soreness of his body let him know that he was somehow still alive. Deafened, he clutched his side, no doubt he was bleeding internally. He willed himself up and opened his eyes, worried by what he might see.

All around him was the olive flesh of one of the great beings stretching hundreds of feet above him. He was spared being crushed under her sole; in the relatively safe area between her big and second toes he found salvation. He examined the ground around him, others who were killed outright by the shock of impact and some still squirming in pain on the ground in between the being’s toes were what he saw. Agenor felt absolutely miniscule in this position. He was unnoticed by a being that was on another plane of existence entirely. Looking at the two flesh walls on either side of him, he saw the deep furrows that were the prints of her toes. He felt less than an insect here. More like a piece of dirt. This goddess had paid no attention to his existence because quite simply it didn’t matter. He was still alive now because of a freak chance. It was a depressing thought that was cut short as the earth around him began to rumble again. He could feel the earth strain, and as his hearing came back he could hear it struggle as the weight of her foot shifted forward and started to push up off the ground. The air itself seemed to rush upward as the monolithic sole began to soar through the air. He watched it fly over blocks of the city and heard the cry of a crowd being completely silenced as it impacted once more. Debris and even bodies were launched by the impact behind the titan’s heel. She continued to walk through the city, uncaring of the poor souls that were snuffed out with each step.

Agenor had already become detached to what exactly was going on. He turned to look back at the great crater that was the goddess’ footprint and saw what used to be several blocks of a bustling city that the mile long foot had wiped out. Only a deep depression was left, a reminder that would most likely outlast the city through the ages. How many lives were gone with each step? He had to ask himself. How was it that he was still alive? Why? He began laughing to himself, not because he found anything particularly funny but because he simply couldn’t process the horror that he was witnessing. In great pain he bundled up his scrolls which were a disheveled mess and limped towards where he was going before the goddesses had shown up. He was compelled to simply put one foot in front of the other and make his way over to the gallery.

That was where he was sitting now, his journey took him a few hours on account of his condition combined with the tremors caused by the titans, but he finally made it. The building was rubble, nothing left but a few pillars that had somehow stood firm. Agenor had watched the city he loved ripped apart by these beings of unfathomable power. He saw the commerce district eradicated under the shapely cheeks of the red haired goddess. He laughed to himself once more over the cruel absurdity of it all. His whole world view was shaken by these goddesses. He saw them remove the grand citadel that had watched over the city for centuries and use it as some crude device for pleasure. Their moans of carnal bliss deafened him again. After the vulgar display they had left Agenor observing them dejectedly, simply trying to comprehend the sublimity of their careless power.

A few hours had passed before Asara finally opened her eyes once more, contented with the nap she had taken. She was careful not to wake Kaelee up. No, she simply drank in her partner’s radiance. Even sleeping, covered in debris from the mortal’s pitiful city, Kaelee took Asara’s breath away. She considered herself extremely lucky that there was someone so in tune with her as Kaelee was. After the extreme display they had just committed she really relished this quiet moment. She wasn’t going to try and ruin this by waking Kaelee up even if she wanted to embrace her once more.

Asara simply rolled over to look upon the conquered city. The streets were in disarray. She focused her vision as much as she could to really see how the mortals were reacting to the display. There was a sick gratification she got from seeing them scurry, scared like little insects. She liked to see them broken. She saw the streets strewn with debris and bodies as well as a few stragglers limping to somewhere, trying to find sanctuary from the goddesses. Asara thought of smiting those individuals but reasoned with herself that they weren’t worth the trouble.

She scanned over the city once more, almost predator like, just looking for something that might give her some brief moments of pleasure. This was how she viewed the mortals, not by their value as living things but by the amount of time she could derive enjoyment from them, always at their expense. She was looking intently when she saw something that made her giddy inside. A crowd was formed a few feet in her scale away from her. On the scale of the little ones, there was miles of separation. The interesting thing about this crowd was that they weren’t running, they were all amassed in a position of prostration. They were worshipping the goddesses as they should have been since the start. A sly smirk was worming its way onto the lips of Asara at the sight. She loved when these mortals who were so stubborn only a short time ago could quickly become such devout converts.

She sat there lounging and watching them for a few moments more before she was startled by a loving arm reaching itself over her body. Kaelee had finally awoke. She said nothing because nothing needed to be said. She tenderly traced her finger around one of Asara’s stiffening nipples. Asara bit her lip ever so slightly waiting to see what Kaelee had planned now. The auburn haired beauty licked her finger like earlier in the day and reached her long arm over her lover. She carefully lowered her massive finger over the crowd of worshippers. Asara watched intently to see what they would do. To her surprise, only a few of them decided to run as fast as they could away, the rest were either completely devout or completely broken. It didn’t make a difference to her. Kaelee’s finger pressed down just enough, she was used to handling mortals in this way and had learned to do so with minimal casualties.

To the poor worshippers on the ground they saw the finger print that was enveloping their view covered in a viscous liquid. As scared as they were, most of them did not dare move a muscle. The ones left after the finger had claimed its victims were left with the site of their neighbors, family, and friends screaming as they were lifted off. They could only imagine what Kaelee would do with them.

The goddess didn’t end them with much ceremony. She gently inserted them into the quivering womanhood of her partner, Asara. She said nothing, her pulsing nether region accepted the sacrifice hungrily. She thought about what exactly those little mites would be seeing. She wondered how long they could possibly survive. These simple thoughts got her worked up, her womanhood began to respond in kind. Many of the mortals trapped in the goddess’ pussy got a mouthful of the tangy juices that were gushing forth. They all drowned without ceremony, for just a few moments of bliss for Asara.

Kaelee used her already viscous finger to collect a few more mortals with a devilish grin. Her new get was nowhere near as many as the first but it would have to do. What was in store for these mites though?

Ada had watched them screaming and struggling, trapped to the finger of a being she could not comprehend. A real life goddess, more real than any of the gods and goddesses that she and the people of Torros had worshiped. People could only claim those gods were at work, but these two, they were here in the flesh, their scope immense. Ada was stunned by their magnitude. That magnitude was not only their size though, but their lust as well. She watched on at the vulgar, casual display of their power. She had a chance to run but she hadn’t. Instead she was still here with a crowd that was much smaller because of the finger that had lifted up the majority.

Ada was deafened once more by moans of pleasure coming out of the two cosmic beings. She hardly had a chance to recover before the goddess’ finger had eclipsed over them once again. Frozen in place Ada noticed for a split second the overpowering aroma that came with the titanic digit. It was from the other goddess’ sex. She recoiled at the last minute, hoping to somehow avoid the giant finger. It was a hopeless struggle; she had become stuck to it, sopping wet, by what seemed to be the goddess’ saliva. She splashed her arms and legs trying to move but she could not. She was like a gnat trying to writhe its way out of a jar of honey. At a certain point she simply exhausted herself trying to escape her liquid fetters. All she could do now was scream, luckily she was able to keep her head up for air, she wouldn’t drown like some of the other poor souls around her. Of course, she could not hear her own screams, the shrieking of the wind around her was all she could hear as she travelled thousands of feet in a manner of seconds. She was rather near to going unconscious.

The speed was dizzying but not so much as what she saw next. Filling her entire view was an explosion of emerald and gold that bordered a deep, black pit. It took Ada a moment to realize this was the eye of the goddess that had accosted her. Being under its deep scrutiny she almost wished she had been drowned. She could not scream anymore, she was stunned once more into silence. She watched as the goddess scanned all over the surface of her finger, most likely content with her get. The smallest of movements sent ripples through the goddess’ eye. Perhaps she had seen enough.

“What’ll you do with these lot Kaelee?” A thunderclap of a voice inquired. Ada reasoned that the deafening question must have come from the other goddess, the darker, brunette beauty.

“Not sure, any ideas?” Ada had thought the last voice booming, this one had been even closer setting a deep pinging in her ears. Feeling a warm trickle of blood fall out of her ear, she realized it had been the one that she was stuck to; she was sure of it.

“I have an idea, put them here.” Ada couldn’t see where the other goddess was pointing, but by the sick grin that was filling her view in front of her, she would rather not find out. It didn’t matter what she wanted though. All that had mattered was what they wanted. She learned that harsh lesson rather quickly. The air rushed past her once more and she had trouble making out where exactly she was. Suddenly she felt herself turned upside down, facing what seemed to be a whole field of olive colored skin. She was pushed farther down until blackness enveloped her, she was being crushed, she knew this was how it would all end. She could hardly breath anymore when the light finally returned around her. Struggling once more, this time she was able to escape the viscous prison that was the goddess’ saliva. Ada was shocked by what she saw.

She looked around her, others were beginning to get out of the sticky liquid, shambling to their feet. Men and women all, like Ada they had no idea what was in store for them. A few around her lay motionless, they had obviously not survived the transfer. Where had she been transferred to though? It didn’t take her long to realize. Looking at the olive colored field all around her she noticed a mountain in the distance. To her far left, a shapely breast of the goddess. Ada realized that she herself was on one as well. The ground below moved ever so slightly with each breath that her host took. She looked behind her to see the beautiful face that filled her sky. This goddess was peering down at all these mortals with her almond shaped, hazel eyes. Ada was amazed by how elegant her features remained, even at the magnitude that was her size. There was an unbearable silence before she saw those full lips open up to speak.

“I’ve devised a game for you little ones,” her voice boomed as she paused for effect. “It’s simple really, climb to the top and we’ll spare you.” Ada thought for a moment, the top of what exactly? What had she meant? It hit her all at once. She and the others who had figured it out turned on their heels and ran towards the stiffening nipple that towered over them. Crossing the border into the darker color of skin that was the areola, several men and women were desperately trying to keep their footing. The goddess was trying to hold in a chuckle. She was obviously very amused by the plight of Ada and the other mortals.

Ada was running on pure adrenaline, she was near the front of the pack and was about to begin the true challenge. The enormity of these beings was still breathtaking. The goddess’ nipple alone was a few stories high. Ada reached out, grabbing ahold of the soft flesh. It gave just enough for her to get a good grip, Perhaps this wouldn’t be so bad. Foot after foot, yard after yard, she made the climb. She heeded no attention to the others around her, she felt it would only slow her down. Survival was all she cared about. Of course, survival was dubious in this circumstance. She had no reason to believe that the goddesses would keep their promise. However, when picking between certain death and a slim chance of salvation, Ada would take the latter.

She couldn’t have been a fourth of the way up and she was already exhausted. That was when the first ordeal happened. The goddess simply shifted in order to get more comfortable. The soft fleshy mountain that this towering nipple was located on began to tremble ever so slightly as the goddess relaxed. Ada stopped her ascent and tightened her grip as much as she could. Thank the gods she had not slipped. As she was cowering, eyes shut, she heard a scream. It sounded like a man. He had probably been shaken off unceremoniously by the goddess’ uncaring movement.

Shaken in more ways than one, Ada resolutely continued the climb. The tender flesh made the climb more doable, but Ada had been through so much in the last few hours that this seemed nigh on impossible. Still she climbed on. One hand would dig in, followed by another, it was becoming mechanical at this point. Ada was halfway up and making good time, but exhaustion was very much starting to settle in. She firmly gripped the flesh and took deep, labored breaths. She was close, her body was telling her she couldn’t go any further, but she had to keep going for it. She spent a moment examining the people above her, two men. She had no idea who they were but she despised them. Their small lead on her meant she had even less of a chance at survival. Ada recoiled at her own thoughts. She pushed them back deeper into her mind and continued the climb.

That was when the second ordeal happened. She felt the wind stir and soon the entire right side of view was of the other goddess’ beautiful pale face. The evil grin on her lips made Ada unsure of what to do. She was still unsure when those full lips began to purse up. Instinctively she latched on to the nipple as hard as she could, bracing for what was coming. A gale of hurricane force wind struck as the goddess blew ever so slightly. Ada strained, her jaw clenched to the point of pain. She held and held, she didn’t want to die now. The wind that was the goddess’ breath was so loud she didn’t hear the screams of the two men above her as they were blown away like pieces of dirt. The most troubling thing to Ada was the shifting of the surface she was on. The nipple was stiffening even more from this small amount of stimulation, making it even harder to hold on.
After what felt an eternity, the wind finally let up. Ada was panting, her muscles aching, she barely had enough energy to turn her body. She looked out towards the being that had been responsible for all of this horror. That evil grin on her heavenly face was back. Ada figured it gave her great satisfaction to commit these horrible acts.

She was done pondering the nature of these gods though, she made it this far, she had to see this through. Slower than before, she climbed her way up. She was in a trance from the pain that she was in, she lost perception of time. Ada couldn’t have said how long it took her to finish the ascent. Finally, salvation was close. She reached the edge of the top, and with the last of the energy she had left, pulled herself up and over. Gasping for air, she threw herself on her back. Looking up at the sky, she knew the gods were watching over her. Not these demons that had taken everything from her, but the ones she put her faith into all her life.

“Well, well, well, we have a bit of a predicament on our hands don’t we?” The voice of the goddess kept Ada from passing out. She propped up on her elbows wondering what the goddess had meant. She was shocked to see she wasn’t the only one who had made it up here. Dumbstruck, she looked back at the face of the goddess she was on, what would happen now?

“Hmm, the offer was only for one of you, so…” Ada understood what she meant, but the climb had taken too much out of her. She struggled just turning over onto her stomach. Her arms felt limp as she tried to push herself up to her feet, She barely managed to get up on one knee when a sharp kick to her ribs drove what little breath she had out. Shrieking in pain she looked up at the attacker. It was a woman as well, beautiful besides the bloodlust in her ocean blue eyes. Her raven hair was a mess as she quickly recoiled for another kick at Ada. She had no time to flinch, her body was simply too drained. The pain was awful, she reasoned to herself that her ribs had to be broken after that viscous kick. The woman attacking her sneered, as she grabbed Ada by her garment.

“This isn’t anything personal,” she said coldly. With a shove Ada hit the ground hard and rolled a bit. On adrenaline alone, she grabbed hold of the edge of the nipple. The pain in her ribs piercing her to the point of immobility, all she could do was hold on. She looked up now at the face of her new tormentor, she wasn’t a goddess, but she held Ada’s life in her hands now, just like they did. She was just as unmerciful as they were, she stomped on one of Ada’s hands. Her body was past the point of pain, she was holding on no matter what. The woman changed strategies now, a quick stomp to the top of Ada’s head finally made the poor soul relinquish her grip. That whole climb for what, it ended in this. Her body hit the ground that was the olive breast, somehow she still wasn’t dead, she wished she was.

Most bones were broken now, she was on the verge of losing consciousness. This was the end. And what an end it was. She felt the booming voice of the goddesses, but she didn’t even comprehend what they were saying, deliriousness was settling in. Her world began to shake and she soon felt weightless. The goddess she was on was beginning to rise, Ada was in turn rolling off like some discarded piece of dust. Ada was already unconscious as her body splattered to the ground, along with the other climbers. To make her end more unfitting, the goddess she was on unnoticing, shifted her step slightly. Ada’s whole existence amounted to a stain at the bottom of a footprint created by a being far beyond her.

Asara now held the victor of her challenge squarely in the palm of her hand. The miniscule being had entertained her so thoroughly she was actually going to keep her promise. This woman was worthy of being spared. She didn’t even have to tell Kaelee, she could tell the red headed beauty agreed.

She chose to address the woman. “That really was something! Excellent work. You’ve earned mercy, believe me, we don’t give it out often.” Asara examined the city one last time, barely anything was left of its former glory. With a satisfied smirk, she turned to Kaelee, “I think we’re done here, my mother will be expecting us.”

Finally the goddesses that had terrorized this once great city were leaving.

Agenor was dumbfounded, his mind was shattered. He had been watching the gods the whole time, simply analyzing them. He tried to guess at their height and other measurements. He was a historian after all. He would be the one to document the fall of Torros. He still had the complete history he had written, perhaps a little crumpled, but it was there. There was a sick closure to this, he would be the rare historian that could write the end of a people. He chuckled to himself at the thought. He decided to look back at them, they were very focused on something, but the red headed one was blocking his view. He could only guess at what they were doing. So instead, he started to think of how exactly to write this new chapter of his city’s history.

Agenor didn’t think long till he felt a sinking feeling in his gut. Why should he write it when it simply didn’t matter? If a great city like this could be decimated in a day, why even worry about documenting it. He started to go crazy again, laughing at his own foolishness. In the back of his mind, he was beginning to wish he had met his end under the step of the goddess. It was preferable to lunacy. That’s when once more the tremors started up.

Shaking the earth, the titans stood up to their full height. Debris that was once homes was raining off their perfect bodies, he wondered how many of the residents were able to get out in time. That didn’t matter now; he stared with glee at the close approaching titans, each of their steps destroying rows of houses and markets that were yet untouched. Tremors shook him and he saw debris launched with each impact. Soon they would be upon him and he would get his wish. Sweet release would come. The goddesses were not even acknowledging the city anymore, they had their heads facing the horizon. All of the destruction was completely unaware now. That mattered little though, they still wreaked havoc on the already gutted city.

They were so close Agenor had to strain to simply look up their legs now. They truly were gods to him. The same olive skinned beauty that had come so close to ending him underfoot earlier was quickly upon him. Her foot raised into the air hundreds of feet above him, the sky darkened. He could hear the wind as the foot pushed through the air. Bits of rock, and even bodies were raining down, it was an awful sight but Agenor was sure it would soon be over. The goddess’ foot kept on moving until he saw the heel pass over head. He instinctively braced for impact. The olive heel collided with the ground utterly destroying the few buildings left standing. Debris shot out in all directions and a cloud of dust followed with it. The shockwave of her simple step sent him flying back a dozen feet. Still alive, he was very rattled. Death hadn’t embraced him but he was reminded once more of that careless power he had grown to fear.

He was on his back and finally propped himself up on his shoulders. He gazed up as her left leg filled his few. That foot glided past the one firmly planted in the ground not far from in front of him. He felt and heard the impact of it. He knew what would come next. Her weight shifted over as her foot dug in slightly to continue to walk forward. Her heel raised and he was greeted with rubble raining down from it. Who knows what was lost in that step, history, art, lives, all of it gone. The rubble continued to rain as the foot finally pushed off and landed miles away with one more tremor.

Agenor lost all idea of what to do now. That’s when he heard a peculiar crack. One of the pillars that was still standing firm was finally shook lose. Gravity was taking care of the rest, the piece of architecture was teetering. It began its descent finally. Agenor didn’t even try to move. He felt the impact. Opening his eyes he saw once more he was cheated though. The pillar struck only three feet away from him. That was the last straw, he burst into the loudest laughter of his life. He finally saw the joke. That’s how he was left, laughing with tears in his eyes as the tremors faded away.

The same thought kept running through Diomedes’ mind. What’s the difference between bravery and stupidity? He wasn’t so sure there was one any more, and yet, he still chose to stay. Was he being brave or stupid, to Diomedes, it didn’t much matter anymore.

“Those big bitches took out the place we and our ancestors called home for centuries. We can’t let them get away with this. Even if it means our end.” Glaucus the final Legate barked for all to hear. They were a full cavalry unit, they knew they wouldn’t make a difference but they had to try.

“Dio, you lead the right flank, you’re to keep in full formation the whole time, no matter what happens, understood?”

“Understood.” There was no doubt to Diomedes’ words, he would be as brave as he could possibly be. After all, he set the example for the almost hundred men under his command. They looked to him for all, he couldn’t falter.

They were hiding on a hill with a thick tree line, they wanted to make sure the goddesses wouldn’t see them from far off. After a few tense hours a faint tremor was felt. All the men there knew what time it was. They mounted up, their spears at the ready. They moved to the edge of the tree-line and waited. The horses grew more uneasy with each tremor, they would be a handful to control. Diomedes took deep, measured breaths. He was calming his nerves.

“On the horizon!” They were finally spotted. Still as titanic as before, each footfall an earthquake. “Form ranks! We’ll meet them soon!” Diomedes was sweating as he took his position at the front of the right flank. His horse was fighting every command. From the looks of it, their target would be the auburn haired one. She towered over even the other goddess. Her long legs clearing great distances.

“Sir, there’s civilians on the roadway!” They looked at the caravan of refugees in the distance, horrified. Their fate was already sealed. Many began to run, but they were caught under the step of the stratospheric titan, her left foot. The time was now, they had to charge. The command was given and the hundreds of men charged on horseback in the memory of their once great city. The goddess’ right foot was already soaring through the air. The mile long sole hung above the company, until it lowered. There was no time to brace, the prints on her sole were the last thing most of the company saw. Most were crushed by the ball of her mile long foot and her big toe.

Diomedes and a few dozen men weren’t under the sole but the direct impact sent them flying, horse and all. Her pale skin was all he saw for thousands of feet. The individual grooves of her prints were apparent at this distance, something he would never forget. He took in each detail. He looked up to see a shapely calve going all the way up to her thighs and couldn’t see past that. He watched as her foot lifted up, dirt and crushed horses and men all stuck to the sole. That’s when it hit him. They hadn’t even been noticed. He watched the titan saunter off, unaware to all the lives she had just snuffed out.

Diomedes understood now that it seemed that bravery and stupidity went hand in hand.

Lanius was still waiting at the portal chamber. His dignified expression was beginning to turn to one of annoyance. He had grown to expect Asara and Kaelee to be late, they never disappointed in that regard. Sighing to himself he thought of how Arora had been so lenient in her first daughter’s upbringing. He couldn’t blame her, not with all she had just been through, but he wondered how Asara would have turned out if her mother was there just a bit more. He supposed Kaelee’s mother Kara, would still be a bad influence on her daughter, she never was as level headed as the queen. The massacre only made things worse. It wasn’t for him to think about those things now, all they would do was bring back memories of Him. He was gone now, Lanius knew there was nothing to fear.

He tiredly rubbed a temples, his mind was wondering again, the price of living as long as he had. Impatience was growing, but he had to follow procedure, even though the two girls never usually brought slaves, he had to be there just in case.

Luckily for him, he didn’t have to wait much longer. The portal flashed white, and when the aura was gone, there stood the two goddesses.

“Welcome back my goddesses. I trust your visit to Torros was eventful.”

“You’d be surprised Lanius,” Asara said with a smirk, “we had much more fun than we thought we would have.” She extended her hand to the platform. “Look we even brought back a slave.”

She wasn’t lying, Lanius saw a single woman standing on Asara’s palm, a rare showing of mercy on her part. The woman took her time walking off. When she was close enough, Lanius could finally examine her. She was tall, that was the most striking thing about her, about six foot in height. He also noticed her muscles, she was rather toned, perhaps she would have a place here. Her raven colored hair was tousled, her deep blue eyes almost soul piercing. Lanius was thinking until Asara cut him off.

“Lanius we’ll be going off to rest, have fun with the new slave.” They sauntered off, for some reason, he said nothing in response.

Turning to the woman standing in a disinterested pose, he addressed her. “You’re the only one they bring me. Well, this shouldn’t take long then, follow me to the slave quarters.” She didn’t hesitate. She simply stalked behind him. He stopped for a moment. “Do you have a name?”

She hesitated a moment, “Calixta.”

“Very well, Calixta, welcome to your new life.”
Well I decided to post the latest chapter of my Giga focused story here for anyone interested. Lot's of cruelty and power in this. If you don't like the more depressing side of these stories this may not be for you. 

Chapter 1: Here!
BlueRune93 Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Great chapter man! Well done.
coolcoolcool5 Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you very much for reading! I'm glad you liked it!
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