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Just writing this to thank everyone who watches! I'm blown away that close to two hundred people are watching this account! So thank you to everyone and I hope you enjoy the three new meager offerings I put forth. Hopefully another blue moon comes around soon so I can make more. :)
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Hey guys, cheap plug time! I finally wrote another chapter in my story Serving the Pantheon. If anyone is interested, here is a link to it on Giantess World. Here!
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Anybody else watching EVO? The hype is real! Can't wait for KI Finals tonight!

Anyway, I'm mulling over collages and the thing that is really bothering me is how hard it is to find cutouts to use as micros. Not really sure where to look for quality cutouts though. I'm gonna keep scouring the internet though because I feel I need to try and keep up the pace of collages I've had.

I feel like I'm rambling again so I'll just finish by saying thank you for watching and faving, it really means a lot!
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